Intermediate Care Facility in Anchorage

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There are 5 Medicare facilities providing Intermediate Care Facility services in Anchorage, AK. Select a facility from the list below to view information on the services they provide, the amount of medicare beds available, employee information, contact information, directions, and more.

Doctors and Providers in Anchorage, AK with Intermediate Care Facility Services

Arlene Home Hope Cottages, Inc
8907 Arlene Street, Anchorage Alaska 99502
Forest Park Cottage
3400 East 20th, Anchorage Alaska 99504
Hope Park Cottage
3410 E Twentieth Ave, Anchorage Alaska 99504
Juliana Home Hope Cottages, Inc
8918 Juliana Street, Anchorage Alaska 99502
Ocean Park Cottage
331 W 121st Ave, Anchorage Alaska 99515