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Haven Of Lakeside, Llc is listed as a Skilled Nursing Facility Dually Certified in Lakeside, Arizona. Their initial Medicare and Medicaid participation date is 11-02-2010. Additional information including their phone number, fax, accreditation, affiliations, staffing, and services are available for you to review below.

Office Location(s), Directions, and General Information

3401 North Lockwood Drive
Lakeside, Az 85929
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Phone Number: 928-368-2060
Fax Number:
Facility Type: Skilled Nursing Facility Dually Certified

Staffing Information

The following is a list of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. HealthCare.Gov defines FTE as follows: "Full-time employees are those who worked on average 30 hours or more a week for more than 120 days in a year."

Employee Type Key:
(C): Under Contract
(E): Full-time
(P): Part-time
Administration (E): 8.57
CNA (E): 27.9
CNA (P): 5.14
Dietitian (C): 0.26
Food Service (E): 10.97
Food Service (P): 0.94
Housekeeping (E): 9.01
LPN / LVN (E): 7.51
LPN / LVN (P): 1.79
Medical Director (C): 0.14
Nurse Admin (E): 2.77
Occupational Therapist (C): 0.99
Occupational Therapist Assistant (C): 0.63
Other Activities (E): 2.61
Other Social Services (E): 1.04
Other Staff (E): 1.14
Pharmacist (C): 0.23
Physical Therapist (C): 0.84
Physician Extender (C): 0.7
Physical Therapist Aide (C): 0.3
Physical Therapist Assistant (C): 1
RN (E): 5.37
RN (P): 3.01
RN Director of Nursing (E): 1.14
Speech Pathologist (C): 0.27

Services Provided

The following is a list of services offered by Haven Of Lakeside, Llc. Please contact the facility to verify and inquire about any additional services that may be available.

Service Location Key:
(O): Service offered off-site
(R): Service offered on-site to Residents
(N): Service offered on-site to Non-residents
*some services may be offered multiple ways
Clinical Lab (O)
Clinical Lab (R)
Dental (O)
Dietary (R)
Housekeeping (R)
Mental Health (O)
Nursing (R)
Occupational Therapy (R)
Pharmacy (O)
Pharmacy (R)
Physician (O)
Physician (R)
Physician Extender (O)
Physician Extender (R)
Podiatry (O)
Podiatry (R)
Physical Therapy (R)
Speech Pathology (R)
Therapeutic Activities (R)
Therapeutic Social Services (R)
Diagnostic X-ray (O)

Additional Medicare Facility Information

Medicare and Medicaid Participation: Medicare and Medicaid
Number of Ownership Changes: 1
Most Recent Change of Ownership: 03-01-2015
Financial End of Year: 12-31
Medicare Administrative Contractor,
Intermediary or Carrier: Noridan (arizona)
CMS Regional Office: San Francisco
Urban or Rural: Rural
Total Beds: 112
Medicare Beds: 112
Dually Certified Beds: 112
Multi-Facility Name: haven health group

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