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Eastern New Mexico Medical Center is listed as a Hospital in Roswell, New Mexico. Their initial Medicare and Medicaid participation date is 07-01-1966. Additional information including their phone number, fax, accreditation, affiliations, staffing, and services are available for you to review below.

Office Location(s), Directions, and General Information

405 W Country Club Road
Roswell, Nm 88201
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Phone Number: 575-622-8170
Fax Number: 5756248726
Facility Type: Hospital

Staffing Information

The following is a list of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. HealthCare.Gov defines FTE as follows: "Full-time employees are those who worked on average 30 hours or more a week for more than 120 days in a year."

Other: 302
Dietitian: 1
Lab Tech: 1
Social Worker: 4
Medical Technologist: 10
Nuclear Medicine Tech: 2
Physician: 1
Physician Assistant: 3
Psychotherapist: 4
Radiology Technician: 20
Registered Pharmacist: 5
Respiratory Therapist: 12
Registered Nurse: 88
Speech Pathologist / Audiologist: 1

Additional Medicare Facility Information

Medicare and Medicaid Participation: Medicare and Medicaid
Number of Ownership Changes: 5
Medicaid Vendor ID: B3011
Financial End of Year: 06-30
Medicare Administrative Contractor,
Intermediary or Carrier: Mutual Of Omaha
CMS Regional Office: Dallas
Urban or Rural: Rural
Accreditation Type: JC
Allopathic Resident Programs: No
Dental Resident Programs: No
Osteopathic Resident Programs: No
Resident Programs: No
Podiatric Resident Programs: No
CLIA ID 1: 32D0537442
Co-location: No
Medical School Affiliation: NA
Cardiac Catheterization Rooms: 1
Endoscopy Rooms: 2
Other Locations: 2
Total Off-site Locations: 2
Operating Rooms: 9
Total Beds: 149
Psychiatric Beds: 225
Medicare Beds: 149

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